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Members of Congress and other Bush Administration officials are delaying EPA from releasing a long-awaited health risk reassessment for dioxin, due out later this year, industry and environmental sources say. will be raising $2 million to finance the further development and expansion of its email marketing division. This offer will be taking place in the first quarters of 2002. press release

EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman says the agency will soon propose a rule to grant the regulatory flexibility that it has promised to industrial participants under the National Environmental Performance Track program. The voluntary program was set up in 2000 to reward companies that pledge to reduce emissions beyond federal mandates. press release

EPA has no plans to change drinking water standards that were set before 1997, it says in a draft report released late last month. Standards for a total of 68 chemicals do not need to be revised, because existing data indicates that they are adequate to protect public health and the environment, says EPA. Another review is scheduled to be completed in 2008.
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